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A High-school Drop-out turned Coding ninja. I have been focusing on programming as my skilled trade for almost 10 years. I started to learn programming with C++ while I was in grade 8 before I dropped out of school after grade 10. I have since learned a handful of other programming languages for various projects I have worked on personally. By far My best language is Python, with an emphasis on versions 2.7+. I Am Competent with C/C++ programming, OOP concepts, and comfortable with Multithreading, SQL, optimization, Linux, Windows, API utilization, game physics calculations(skilled), 3D graphics(basic), And Many other valuable skills. I Have Applied for Jobs at top Internet based companies, but have never been contacted for an interview due to my biggest flaw... I DO NOT have ANY pieces of paper from ANY education establishment to prove my Knowledge. I DO NOT believe in going to school for my profession because, A) Indoctrination and slow paces are the norm. B) I am a devout believer of letting ones actions and knowledge speak for themselves. C) No Matter how good of programmer or mathematician I am, or how much Scientific knowledge I have, There still aren't any respectable institutions which will accept my enrollment, or any that will allow me to gain a full Degree without attending any of the lectures. I Would still do the assignments and exams, but I do not have the time to spend several years sitting in a lecture hall, listening to lessons I have already learned independently.

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