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Posted on August 28th 2014

Growth Hacking and Link Bait Explained

The terms Growth Hacking, Link Bait and Social Karma are being tossed around everywhere in the startup world these days. So what exactly do these buzzwords mean? According to the Wikipedia, growth hacking is a marketing technique which uses social metrics, analytical thinking and creativity to boost product sales and gain exposure.

We wanted to learn how we could "hack" our growth at HackHands, so we sat down with HackHands Expert, Pam Selle, a Front end engineer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pam has used growth hacking tactics to successfully build awareness for some of her own projects and community events.

In our video interview, Pam paints more color on what growth hacking is and defines some of the buzzwords being used. You'll see her explain how companies use link bait, circles with high social karma and other viral marketing techniques to foster awareness and growth.

Pam Selle on Growth Hacking

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