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Posted on November 11th 2014

HackHands and the Future of Software Development

Today I am grateful to the founders of HackHands to be named CEO.

Forest, Geraldo and Assis have done a tremendous job as founders, building HackHands into the organization that it is today. Their work ethic and commitment is incredible, and I feel privileged to join the team.

The product they have built, and the simplicity of its experience, is a testimony to their intuition and thoughtfulness. I have witnessed them work tirelessly, sometimes putting in as long as 16-hour days to make this company a reality.

The HackHands team is fully functioning with complementary skill sets. This is quite refreshing -- it took 4 years of growth for my previous startup to get to the stage where if I took a 1-month vacation, that the company would not fall apart. With HackHands, we are already there today. The company already feels very strong, despite only being only 1 year old.

We have been working together since last May, and we have synergized well as a team. The culture of HackHands is very fun and enjoyable, and is starting to feel like a family. Having the right culture is an essential start to building a great business -- especially one which we intend to make a meaningful impact on the world. We’re still working on a crystallized set of values, but we do know the core values that matter the most of us are:

  • Customer Success
  • Integrity to our word
  • Results-oriented culture, with flexible time
  • Respect for one another
  • Best idea wins
  • Company of One (everyone “feels like” they are the CEO)
  • A fun, optimistic, positive mental attitude
  • Investing in people and personal growth
  • Hire people better than us, who we can can learn from
  • 360-degree frequent feedback
  • Only work with those who are passionate about the problem and their work
  • Honesty/Direct Communications
  • Open Door policy
  • Transparency of work and communications
  • Work face-to-face as much as possible
  • Strength of both mind and body
  • Pride in quality of our craftsmanship
  • Manual first, then automate - Experiment-Driven culture

Our vision going forward is to double the speed of software development by solving the largest problem we have today in programming: bridging the productivity gap between developers. We believe there is a better way of programming, where the tediousness of programming and downtime from struggling when stuck is eliminated. This is a personal problem that both the founders of HackHands and myself have felt, and it is solving this problem which drives us forward each day.

We will have a very exciting announcement to make tomorrow (Tuesday November 11). It is a project that we have been working on for the last few months, that we are finally able to unveil. It underscores our core values and beliefs, which is that we have a duty to both build an economically business as well as serve the greater good by being socially responsible. We hope you enjoy it.

-Ed Roman, CEO, HackHands

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