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Posted on November 10th 2014

HackHands Names Ed Roman as CEO


We are excited to announce that Ed Roman has joined HackHands as CEO. Ed is a proven entrepreneur, who created TheServerSide.com, the world’s largest Java developer community. Ed’s passion for improving programming productivity shows throughout his experience and we are happy to have him join our team.

Our story for collision started from spontaneity. About a year ago, Ed was working on his own project to help programmers in need. We happened to meet when a mutual friend connected us via a Skype call. Soon after, Ed flew out to NYC to see if he shared the same vision. We have been working together since, creating a tremendous amount of value including an advisory round of investment raised and several partnerships set to soon kick off.

Prior to joining HackHands, Ed was founder & CEO of Ghostfire Games, an award winning gaming company. Prior to then, he was founder & CEO of The Middleware Company, a Java training/consulting company, which he grew over 4 years and then later sold. He is also an angel investor who leads a syndicate on Angelist.

With his relevant experience and strong reputation as an advisor, investor and leader, we are grateful to have Ed as our CEO. We couldn’t be more excited about the bright future we will create together.

As always, Happy Hacking!

Assis, Geraldo and Forest

HackHands Co-founders

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