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I am a full stack Ruby on Rails / open source developer . I have recently worked on www.grabsell.com and launched my own online QR tracking application @ www.tracerr.com My development stack is ubuntu with phusion passenger/nginx as server and thus keeps me hooked on with completed ruby stack. I can be your one man solution for all technical queries and open source solutions available . I keep myself updated with current trends in open source arena. Following are key technical skill areas I have expertise in, apart from RoR stack. OS: Linux ( Ubuntu/ Debian/ Rhel/ Centos/ Solaris ), Windows 2000,Windows 2003, Windows 2008 Databases: Mysql, Postgresql, Mongodb, Nosql(Hadoop, couchdb), sqlite, Microsoft Sql Server 2000/2003/2008/2008 R2 Servers/ Daemons : Apache/LDAP/LDAP/AD/Ngnix/ Haproxy, Sendmail, SMTP/POP/IMAP, cron, FTP, sshd, sftp,scp Languages : RoR(Rails 2, 3,x, 4,x ) / PHP/ Perl/ Python scripts Deployment Architecture : Heroku/ Engineyard/ AWS Ruby gems : Activeadmin, hobo, formtastic, devise, omniauth(for social media), resque, foreman, delayed_job, twitter_bootstrap, breakman, cucumber, rspec, factory_girl,capistrano, dalli, paperclip,prawn, haml, carrierwave, nokogiri, redis, rmagick, sass, jammit, capybara, activemerchant,evenmachine, thinking_sphinx,solr(jsonapi) Api build : Grape, RABL CMS/ packages : SPREE for ecommerce, refinerycms for cms. I primarily started with php(2004), moved to coldfusion(2005) and then moved to open source technologies with ror(2007). I emphasize more on back-end design rather than front-end design. I recently completed following projects www.melodyfusion.com : online social interaction place for music artists www.votopia.com: A voting based analytics engine www.seekmycourse.com : An online course sharing marketplace www.myweightworld.com : A health centric website www.studyboost.com : A group study solution with autobots feature for tests. www.playpen.com : An adult website. www.tracerr.com : A QR code solution launched by me www.Grabsell.com : A B2C ecommerce website You can contact me through phone/skype/yahoo for easy and quick communication.

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