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After beginning to learn my first programming language I didn't want to stop. Taking the bits and pieces of string data and stitching them together to create a running, functioning program has intrigued me since day one. The skills necessary for today's, as well as tomorrow's careers is my motivation for bettering myself and broadening my horizons with new and different programming languages. Since first opening Visual Studio and writing the standard "Hello World" program I have been fascinated with the principle of taking the rules of programming and widening them out with new tricks and techniques. I love living in a world where the career sector is turning to my generation for support; this motivates me, drives me and overall encompasses my studies as I set foot in the world of computer science and software engineering. Whether we go to the moon again, build flying cars or just simply come out with a new phone showcasing the latest software and hardware, I can firmly grasp the idea that programming is not going away, but rather, it has just planted its foot into our lives. I am honored to be in the process of growing the ideas of programming and spreading the knowledge of its potential.

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