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I am an application architect with a passion for developing innovative web applications that push the boundaries of technologies. When designing, I actively pursue techniques that build in the maximum level of flexibility while minimizing the amount of churn that the code goes through. I am also driven to test the limits of what modern web applications are capable of. While I can work through the entire stack, I am happiest when working on the front end, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to deliver world class experiences to users. Recently, I have been working with the Dojo Toolkit its powerful support for creating complex and rock solid enterprise applications. However, with the rise of the next generation frameworks, I am actively researching Aurelia and Angular 2 as possible replacements. Recently, I have been given the privledge of sharing my love for teaching and learning by becoming an author for Pluralsight. Every few months, I have been producing content that allows me to share what I know with the world. The last thing that I can say about myself is that I am addictd to learning new programming languages and the associated cultures. Over the last few years, I have actively been working in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Java, C#, PL/SQL and Go. I have also dabbled in F#, Erlang, PHP, and Python. While I try and keep up with the latest trends in all of these languages, I have been developing the skill to move to a new language and ramp up on it very quickly.

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