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My name is Nick Sweeting, I'm an NYC native but I've spent various portions of my life growing up in Barcelona, Shanghai, and most recently Portland, OR. I'm a self-taught developer, and I've done professional (full-time) Django development at major corporations for two years now. As far as actual technical skills, I originally started by writing shell scripts to automate linux installations, and from there I moved on to web dev and PHP, and eventually C/C++ and Python. I made money doing freelance Wordpress development while I gained confidence in Django. Since then, I've been a productive and driving developer at four companies, one of them entirely in Chinese, and one of them being my own. I’ve worked with a range of highly-scalable distributed technologies, and with sensitive data for a medical firm. Right now I'm studying programming at a writer's-retreat-style school called Hacker School in NYC.

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