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Seasoned web developer with over ten years of experience working as a freelancer on a large number of projects using various web technologies. I actively contribute to open source and have recently become the technical co-founder of a design/development agency in Germany. I'm using Node.js in most of my projects and use browserify to structure my frontend code. I've recently converted from AngularJS to React and authored a Flux-like architecture library called Fynx. I'm a big fan of the "many tiny modules" approach and have published over forty modules on npm. Within reason, I embrace modern JavaScript (ES6/ES2015/ES.next/whatever) and tend to favour "vanilla" over alternatives like CoffeeScript. Before I focussed on JavaScript and Node.js, I mostly used Python and Django. Other languages I have used in the past include PHP, ActionScript and Java. I'm somewhat fluent in CSS, though I prefer leaving design to actual designers. I'm a former web standards evangelist turned pragmatist. However, being partially colorblind, I still maintain a latent interest in accessibility and usability.

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