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Software developer with > 5, < 10 years of experience. Most of that with Ruby, but also a significant amount of C# (and Javascript, but I like to pretend that part never happened ;). Also happy to help, particularly less experience programmers that are just learning the ropes (this stuff is hard!). I've built web apps in Sinatra and Rails that have received a significant amount of traffic and made me some money. I love databases and have significant experience with Postgres, DynamoDB, and Redis. Although it's not directly dev-related, I've done a fair bit of SEO and am pretty good at it. Haven't done much C# desktop apps (and can't say that I want to), but I wrote a significant console app in C# and have a strong grasp of the language. Other stuff I should mention: I love hosting things on Heroku and using their hosted Postgres service and would be happy to talk about either of those. I also love AWS and their managed services (such as DynamoDB) in particular.

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