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I try to be open minded about technology, the roles it plays in our lives, and the roles it will play in our future. Simply put, I think mankind is on the verge of an unprecedented technological "Big Bang"​. Luckily for me, not only do I have front row seats, I even get to play a role in the show :) My (currently) most loved technologies are: Ember.js -> The ultimate client side framework as of today. Node.js -> The present and future of web servers. Elasticsearch -> They really "aced"​ making Lucene approachable and scalable to all and suddenly realtime queries and aggregations on big data are not a big deal :) Redis -> Cache is king, and redis makes things simple and blazing fast. Meteor.js -> Though not very useful for large scale projects, I was greatly inspired by their architecture and simplicity. Websockets -> "Realtime is the only time"​ I love reactive applications. In addition to software development I take great interest in marketing - both old school and online marketing (with the science behind it). I actually got into front end development when building affiliate marketing websites and running marketing experiments. One more thing - I am a great believer of the "Go big or go home!" vision - if you are not doing something big that matters, you may need to look somewhere else.

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“Great guide.”


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