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Posted on January 2nd 2019

HackHands is shutting down

HackHands will be sunsetting on January 31, 2019

We started HackHands in 2012 as a small team of passionate entrepreneurs and engineers, with the mission to provide affordable and instant help to programmers all around the globe. Through HackHands, programmers have received over 10,000 hours of live programming help from a community of over 8,000 experts.

In 2015, Pluralsight acquired HackHands with a vision to democratize technology learning––a vision that aligned with ours. While the HackHands technology will further evolve into the platform, Pluralsight has made the decision to sunset HackHands in order to focus on collaborative learning inside the Pluralsight ecosystem.

We want to thank all of our amazing experts, customers, partners and investors who believed in our mission and helped us along the way. While it is difficult to say goodbye, we look forward to applying our learnings from HackHands to fuel continued innovations in the Pluralsight platform.

Geraldo Ramos, Assis Antunes and Forest Good
HackHands Founders

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