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The expert who helped me was great. The technology and interface were top-notch! The pay per minute model is very wise, people like me have no idea the depth of certain problems they are trying to fix.
By Laurence Bradford
Founder of learntocodewith.me
I saw an ad banner for a real-time hack-consult for $1/minute, gave it a try and a 55 minute call helped me fix an ancient problem. I will be using this service for some other bothersome features i’d love to cross off.
By Shamus Halkowich
Director at MainSpring Business Video
Getting advice from the most legendary Hampton Catlin. I mean it seems surreal that a week ago I was learning from his videos on Treehouse and now he is giving me advice one on one. Awesome.
By Matej Lukášik
Owner of Occupation Bliss
The difference between the talent HackHands has and what I get EVERY time I used other services was substantial. Kudos to really pulling elite talent. Made all the difference for me as I was investing money and not only seeing progress, but learning as well.
By Ryan Brady
Founder & CEO of eWebDesign.co
I was able to defeat The Matrix thanks to hack.hands()! I suggest you take the red pill and give hack.hands() a try for yourself.
By Thomas A. Anderson
Programmer at Meta Cortex
4 hours of stress and cursing, or 20 minutes with a hackhands expert. This is perfect when you need to call in a higher power to get through some of the tough challenges or break through the “programmer’s wall.” I didn’t know how much I needed this until it existed.
By Eugene Cook
Attorney and published author
As a newbie to programming, I’ve looked into tons of online resources to help me understand new concepts and debug small projects. First off, the experts that I’ve worked with have all been incredibly understanding of my “beginner” questions and have patiently walked me through best practices and solutions. On top of that, the customer service is impeccable!
By Summer McDonald
Entrepreneur and former Social Worker
hack.hands() is a fantastic resource for software developers. It has helped me to become more efficient and productive in coding, especially when I can’t obtain immediate answers from Stackoverflow or my friends. It is a “virtual SOS button” I can press whenever I need help.
By Robin Yang
Founder of ProsperityPrana.com
Before hack.hands(), our engines could only muster Warp 9. After a 30 minute hack.hands() mentoring session, we can now push our engine efficiency to Warp 9.1! Thanks hack.hands()!
By Geordi La Forge
Starship Engineer
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