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Rails since 2007, Java, C++ etc before. I have been leading engineering teams for a long time and have come to realize how little good advice or opportunity there is for people to become great engineers. And they're not getting what they need even from great CS schools, either. People call themselves senior, architect and other glorious titles but are often making stuff up on their own for lack of clear and consistent skill development opportunities. Consistent, clear and confident mentorship can help people earn these titles. We ask people to make the leap from tutorials and basic stuff to anything real without consistent guidance. So people who don't know better are teaching good people bad things. And these days, it's getting serious. Hacks and breaches are putting us at risk in many ways. Organizations like yours could create a form of accreditation that is sorely missing. More personally, I think RoR is brilliant, but also easy to turn into a massive mess. My current team is cleaning on up now. I am an evangelist of the concise, elegant and brilliant code that ruby (and similar languages) allow. And I think I am a pretty awesome teacher. Modest, too :-) Not sure if I can be helpful in any way, but I would love to share my skills more broadly than just with the team I manage now. Tom

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