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I'm Troy Hunt, an Australian Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Developer Security. I don't work for Microsoft, but they're kind enough to recognise my community contributions by way of their MVP program which I've been an awardee of since 2011. I get to interact with some fantastic people building their best products and then share what I know about creating secure applications for the web with the broader community. I'm also a Pluralsight author of many top-rating courses on web security. There's no better way to get up to speed on a topic quickly than through professional training that you can take at your own pace. As both an author and a student, I have nothing but positive things to say about the breadth and quality of Pluralsight courses. You'll often find me speaking at technology events around the world, usually on security and usually showing people just how easy it is to break software on the web today. The view I take in all my speaking and writing is that unless software developers understand how code is exploited, it's hard for them to buy into the value of protecting it. I frequently appear on television, radio or other media channels as a subject matter expert on a wide range of technologies. Much of the time this is in a very consumer-centric context where I explain technology for the "layman", that is to put technical concepts in language that anyone can consume. Distilling complex subjects into explanations audiences of various expertise can relate to is something I invest an enormous amount of effort in. My view is that whether it's security or the broader discipline of software architecture which I've focussed on for most of my career, nothing beats hands on experience and actually delivering working code. I keep very active in the development space and am constantly producing software on the latest technology platforms we have at our disposal today. One of the key projects I'm involved in today is Have I been pwned? (HIBP), a free service that aggregates data breaches and helps people establish if they've been impacted by malicious activity on the web. As well as being a useful service for the community, HIBP has given me an avenue to ship code that runs at scale on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, one of the best ways we have of standing up services on the web today. "The Cloud" has opened up a new world of opportunities for how we deliver software today and I've been heavily involved with Microsoft's Azure since the very early days. How we can now orchestrate a wide array of services that can be provisioned at the drop of a hat and scaled to enormous heights on demand whilst paying mere cents per hour is a remarkable achievement. I'm fortunate enough to work with modern cloud technologies in a variety of capacities where I dissect the hype from the reality and deliver software in ways we thought impossible only very recently.

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