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Ben "ZodTTD" Stark is the owner and operator of ZodTTD LLC. Ben has been programming on mobile handhelds since the days of PalmTX and PocketPCs. He has an intimate knowledge of low level programming techniques as well as a security and server administration background. He is also well known for video game emulation. Ben's talents include debugging issues that are often overlooked no matter the language or system. An out of the box thinker, he can quickly narrow in on the problem and its solution by looking at the big picture. Through video game emulation he pioneered development on iPhoneOS (now iOS). He began developing on the iPhone well before there was an official toolchain or app store. During iPhoneOS 1.1 he used, helped form, and contributed to some of the earliest toolchains and 3rd-party app stores for iOS. Ben was one of the earliest people to bring video game emulation to the iPhone. Ben's ZodTTD LLC provides a software repository to the 3rd party iOS app store Cydia. He tends to program in low-level languages such as C and various forms of assembly. Higher level languages such as Obj-C, LUA, and PHP are also well understood. One of his specialties comes in the form of writing dynamic recompilers ("JITs") which he often used within the realm of emulation. Through video game emulation he became adept to just what it takes to make software portable across many systems. Ben is able to break down a problem and find a solution that keeps context in mind. Context is often overlooked. For example the best technical solution isn't always the best for business. He will gladly work through a problem while quickly adapting to the scenario at hand.

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