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HackHands is the fastest online service for 1:1 development education and problem solving

“The expert who helped me was great.  The technology and interface were top-notch! The pay per minute model is very wise, people like me have no idea the depth of certain problems they are trying to fix.”… Read more

Laurence Bradford, Founder of learntocodewith.me

“Getting advice from the most legendary Hampton Catlin. I mean it seems surreal that a week ago I was learning from his videos on Treehouse and now he is giving me advice one on one. Awesome.”… Read more

Matej Lukášik, Owner of Occupation Bliss

“I saw an ad banner for a real-time hack-consult for $1/minute, gave it a try and a 55 minute call helped me fix an ancient problem.  I will be using this service for some other bothersome features i’d love to … Read more

Shamus Halkowich, Managing Director at MainSpring Business Video

“4 hours of stress and cursing, or 20 minutes with a hackhands expert. This is perfect when you need to call in a higher power to get through some of the tough challenges or break through the “programmer’s wall.” I … Read more

Eugene Cook, Attorney and published author

Who is HackHands for?

Dev Teams & Enterprise

More than double your dev team's productivity


Johnny Goodman, the founder of CPAP.com, the web’s largest sleep apnea store, first tried HackHands while working on his own personal project. The speed and quality of expertise he received during the first few … Read more

Freelancers & DevShops

Accelerate delivery of work outside your expertise


Mike Land, a freelance software developer based in Chicago, IL typically does backend development, but uses the support of HackHands to create a frontend for his projects. After discovering HackHands, Mike has been… Read more

Entrepreneurs & Startups

Get your product to the market faster


David Molina is an entrepreneur, programmer and US Army veteran (enlisted & officer) from Portland, OR working on BilingualHire.co. BilingualHire helps you share career opportunities seamlessly, from anywhere.… Read more

Students & Bootcamps

Learn more and never get stuck


Andrew Garcia recently graduated from CodingDojo, a bootcamp where he gained full stack programming fundamentals, and now works as a Web Developer for SFrent, a San Francisco based property management company. … Read more

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