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Posted on April 28th 2015

9 Best Ruby On Rails Content Management Systems (CMS)

A content management system (CMS) is the computer program which is used to create, manage or publish content. CMS often used for websites, blogs or for corporate websites which aim to avoid the hand coding and provide an easy to use interface. CMS is getting more popular day by day because one doesn't need to have knowledge about the programming language used in it, in fact it provides an environment for managing the content. So, a newbie is able to work comfortably when using CMS.

There are many programming languages which are used for creating CMS and Ruby on Rails is one of them. Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework which runs on the Ruby programming language. This open source framework allows to run web applications as well as providing facility to create new pages that gather information from the web server, query the database and handle the templates for better functionality. Ruby on Rails also provides a secure user interface, which helps a lot of newbies to do their work without having too much knowledge about the programming.

Ruby on Rails content management systems provide various functionality which helps to manage the website easily which has caused it to be recommended by various web developers. So, today we are going to share 9 best Ruby on Rails content management systems which will help you to increase your productivity as well as save your precious time.

1) Best Ruby On Rails CMS- Radiant CMS

Radiant- This is one of the most popular open source content management systems with impressive features - elegant user interface, provides a collection of templates with awesome layouts, snippets, page parts and plugins as well.


Adva CMS- A cutting edge open source application platform based on Ruby on Rails and Rails Engines.


3) Best Ruby On Rails CMS - Casein CMS

Casein CMS- An open source and lightweight Ruby on rails content management system with minimal CURD interface for your data, user authentication and basic management.


4) Impressive Ruby On Rails CMS - Browser CMS

Browser CMS- Has a set of robust features that make it the most popular among editors. It is very simple and easy for everyone to use.


5) Top Ruby On Rails CMS - Refinery CMS

Refinery CMS- 100% free! Anyone can use and modify according to their needs. Provides an interface for creating custom content manageable websites.


Locomotive CMS- Is completely focused on front end technology,standard development process and no-learning time for your client.


7) Best Ruby On Rails CMS - Comfortable Mexican Sofa

Comfortable Mexican Sofa- One of the most powerful CMS Engine for Ruby on Rails three applications. It has great features including powerful page templating capability using tags, multiple sites from a single installation and much more.


8) Ruby On Rails CMS - Slate CMS

Slate- Is the CMS using Ruby on Rails that helps you in creating stylish websites by WVU web services.



This article is by Richard from codecall.net.

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