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I have been using Premiere Pro and After Effects for the last 5 years and am very familiar with the two applications, I've used it for my own personal projects. In the process I've used boujou, red giant software, photoshop, and mocha. This year I started using Motionbuilder for mocap files and have a good understanding of it and how it operates and would be able to assist others in it. With maya, I have a basic understanding and would be able to help out with simple requests, same with realflow, I am learning more each day however. For linux, I have been using it for 4 years for a multitude of purposes for my servers, currently running many for different functions at the moment. I would be able to help out with bash, setting up specific services, and fixing many problems that I've run into myself over the years of using it. I've used nginx, php, nodejs, icecast, laravel, mysql, mariadb, and many more that would be easy enough for me to help with configuring in linux.

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