Get paid to help others at your convenience

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Help out at your convenience

Programmers are busy. We understand you have a lot going on. As an expert, you can have the flexibility to help when you are available with no commitments.


Set your own rate

As an expert you set your rate and get notified when requests are available for your rate. While in a session, you can pause the timer to provide a WOW experience and earn extra tips.

Build relationships and reputation

You can show off all your 5 star reviews on your profile to get more direct bookings...or just feel good about all the programmers you have helped.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a hack.hands() expert?

As a hack.hands() expert, you get paid to help others in need, build relationships and reputation. Additionally, our platform allows you to help others at your convenience with no commitments, and takes care of reputation management and payments.

What is the hack.hands() service fee?

Our service fee is 20%. This amount is deducted from the total amount charged/earned including tips. This service fee goes to our operations, enables the infrastructure for our platform.

How do I get paid?

Payouts are done on a weekly basis via PayPal. Payouts will be received to your bank within 14 days of the date of earnings were made. You will receive payout notifications via the email address provided. You can view your total earnings by visiting the "My requests" page.

How do I get notified about requests?

hack.hands() broadcasts relevant requests to you in real time. There are a few ways for getting notified about a new request. We recommend downloading our desktop app. You can also configure your IM client with our notification system, get push alerts when signed into hackhands.com, and receive email notifications. If you wish not to receive email notifications, you can manage your notification settings in your profile.

How much can I charge/earn?

Earnings start at $1/min and you can earn up to $5/min plus tips via requests from the hack.hands() service. These are open requests, which are broadcasted in real time. If you are the first expert to respond, you will be immediately sent to our collaborative session which includes Audio/Video chat and Screen Share. Additionally, you can charge your own per minute rate via "Preferred Requests", which you can manage in your profile settings.

Your rate

Users who want to directly book you will be charged at this rate.

Your min

This is for requests that aren't naming you in particular (called 'broadcast requests'). We'll only send you requests above or at this rate. We recommend setting the min to $1/minute so you don't miss-out on any mentoring opportunities.
Still not sure? Have any specific questions? We are here to help!