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Posted on July 9th 2015

HackHands Acquired by Pluralsight

We're pleased to announce today some BIG news -- HackHands has been officially acquired by Pluralsight! Pluralsight is the world's largest online library of tech and creative training. Together with Pluralsight, we are excited to democratize professional learning worldwide.

Some Background

The team at HackHands has had an incredible journey working hard over the last year to deliver mentoring services to developers worldwide. To recap, here are some of the highlights:

  • We conducted over 77,000 minutes of mentoring on HackHands, saving many hours of wasted downtime programming
  • We held the largest programming conference in history -- hack.summit()
  • We raised over $50,000 for coding non-profits
  • We facilitated free mentoring to developers worldwide with over 9,000 developers who joined the hack.pledge() movement

The next phase of our journey

We met Pluralsight in the fall of 2014, and immediately started to realize that mentoring would work extremely well in an educational context, when professionals are first starting to learn a new technology.

Pluralsight impressed us with their culture, and mission to democratize professional learning, which resonated strongly with us. Their leadership demonstrated vision, charisma, and spirit that we have rarely seen in our careers.

We quickly realized that Pluralsight would be a huge accelerator to our mission, since we could reach a much larger audience through their distribution, salesforce, and resources. Training and mentoring are very complementary, and so we realized they could be more than just a partner.

At the time, we felt that HackHands was still a newborn and that it was too early to discuss a larger relationship. But this particular company was special, and it felt like such a perfect fit. After months of trust-building, we realized that we simply could not pass up this opportunity to work with the best in the industry. We finalized the agreement about a month ago, and we've been collaborating with Pluralsight since then, and it's feeling great.

Going forward

The HackHands service will continue to be offered -- there will be no lapse of service. You can also look forward to us being around for a very long time, since Pluralsight is a large, stable, well-funded organization. Our service will be stronger now, since we can now tap into Pluralsight course authors and customers. That means more mentors and mentees. Our mentoring will be offered as both stand-alone mentoring, as well as (future) coupled with training courses from Pluralsight.

Overall, this is one of those rare acquisition opportunities where we're anticipating a huge win-win, and not a lot of waste. Both companies have so much to gain by working together.


I'd like to acknowledge the team who helped make this happen:

  • Forest Good, Geraldo Ramos, Assis Antunes -- the 3 founders of HackHands. Not many know this, but HackHands has Brazilian roots, as 2 of our 3 co-founders are from Brazil (Geraldo and Assis). The 3 co-founders had the original vision for HackHands, and incubated the idea from both WeWork in NYC as well as a Brazilian dev shop. The co-founders have an incredible work ethic and have been tirelessly building HackHands each day for over 1.5 years. They've moved twice (NYC->SF, and now SF->Utah) which is a testament to their devotion to making HackHands successful.
  • Hugo Rodrigues, Fernando Grunevald, Sergio Vilar, Fabio Cerqueira, Alziro Braga -- the muscle behind HackHands. Hugo, Fernando, Sergio, and Fabio are incredible engineers who have helped produce thousands of lines of well-architected code, built with TDD and longevity in mind. Alziro is our talented designer who produced the amazing HackHands website that you see today.
  • Eddie Gueiros, Grey Elerson -- the HackHands support staff. Building any 2-sided marketplace such as HackHands requires an enormous amount of people-management work, and these two made it happen, by interfacing with both experts and customers on a daily basis. It's thanks to their devotion to service which has kept our marketplace happy.
  • Pranay Mohan, Cy Hossain, Damian Madray, Triple Point PR -- this team helped produce the hack.summit() event, and did a blockbuster job with it. The summit exceeded all our expectations, and we could not have done it without them.
  • Also thanks to our advisors and investors for believing in us -- Dustin Clingman, Ray Cheng, Matty Dorey, Tom Chi, Rony Kahan, Jose Wilker Tarradt, Richard Kain, Rembrandt Venture Partners, Xiaol Wang, Allen Hsu, Floyd Marinescu, Russell Hinds, Adam Patch.

A new vision

Together with Pluralsight, our mission has expanded to democratize professional learning worldwide through both training and mentoring. We're excited to embrace it with you together.

-Ed Roman, CEO, HackHands

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