How it Workshack.hands() is the fastest online service for mentorship, problem solving and pair programming.

1. Create your request

Tell us what you need help with

Fill out our simple help request form with what you need help with so we know which experts to match you with.

The first 5 minutes are risk-free

You will not be charged until after your session is complete, and only if it has gone past 5 minutes.

2. We connect you with a qualified expert

A qualified expert will connect to your session

An expert will join you within a few minutes, sometimes even seconds. The timer does not start until the expert joins.

Collaborate on your code with the expert

Our session environment has video/audio chat, a bi-directional code editor and screen sharing so you can quickly get the help you need.

3. Submit feedback based on your experience

Let us know how it went

You can leave a rating, review, and tip for your session. This will let us and the expert know how your session went. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Request a specific expert

You can schedule a direct booking a specific expert you have previously worked with from your dashboard.

Stop wasting valuable time trying to fix issues on your own.