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Infrastructure / Cloud Architect & Systems Administration / Systems Automation with 12 years experience. Extensive background in virtualization for private / public / hybrid infrastructures (mostly VMware and AWS). I've been using Ruby and Chef for about 2 years to manage infrastructure for a Ruby on Rails on AWS environment. My current projects involve moving our company to AWS VPCs and application deployments to docker. My goal on this site is to support Operations / DevOps engineers who need help with Infrastructure, Network Security and Application Lifecycle Management (from build to deploy & monitoring / Application Performance Management). Other areas I will be able to assist with: - Chef cookbooks (including Berkshelf, Test Kitchen, serverspec and integration tests) - AWS multi-account automation (via AWS Ruby SDK) - research environments with R, RStudio, Shiny, Spark - RedHat RHEL & Ubuntu, Windows / AD - network issue troubleshooting (tcpdump, etc.) - database troubleshooting (MS SQL, mysql, postgres) - application / performance monitoring with Dynatrace, Newrelic APM, Sensu, etc. - general IT system automation - brewing beer

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Aram Zadikian   -   Jan 15, 2016 at 10:12 pm
“Excellent session. Very insightful and willing to dig in. Helped me grasp difficult concepts.”


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