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I am a capable Full-Stack Web Developer, but I find the most joy working on the Back-End - primarily self-taught. Much of my development experience before turning professional was in creating line-of-business solutions for my family's small business. I took the leap to become a freelance professional developer in 2015. My primary client for the past year has been Back I/O, where I've contributed as a team member, filling the roles of both development and operations. I am a core contributor to the Angular-Google-Chart project, and find myself right at home in the Open Source Software community.

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Sarah Skrydstrup   -   Sep 27, 2016 at 06:04 pm
“Nick was able to solve my problem! Yay. He used the screen share feature which was super helpful and allowed him to look at what I was working on, walk me through some trouble shooting and ultimately solve my problem. I'd definitely return next time I'm in a bind.”


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Sep 27
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Sep 27
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